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Our clients’ needs far exceed the protective capacity of high-quality fencing.

From transporting valuable goods through to manufacturing them, accessibility is key for the hardworking people who keep your corporation running. We offer industrial gate options that allow for controlled entries and exits, so your team members and clients enjoy seamless access to the appropriate areas of your workplace while uninvited visitors quickly recognize their welcome will be short-lived and unsuccessful.

What types of gates empower our industrial clients to focus on business, without worrying about access and security?

The three types of gates listed below represent a number of gating options. At Lambton Fencing, we offer several customization features, including manual versus automatic capabilities, endless measurements and various design features that will dictate precisely how your gates look and operate.

  • Sliding Gates (Cantilever): We install heavy duty slide gates, of every imaginable size, to protect your building perimeter while offering 24/7 ease of use and reliability. Built to blend in with your chain link fencing or boast a distinguished appearance for enhanced visibility, we will meet your accessibility needs with these highly reliable and customizable sliding gates.
  • Swing Gates: Durable and versatile, swing gates can be used at the perimeter of your property or internally within your complex to prevent workplace safety hazards. Known industry-wide as the swinging safety gate, we can build and install whichever models work best for you – while always leveraging standup and stand out materials.
  • Vertical Pivot Gates: Like our chain link fences, these pivot gate options discourage climbing while ensuring operations can move forward in a timely manner. They pivot 90 degrees, which means they achieve a lot within a reasonable amount of space and can be fully vertical in a matter of seconds.

Working with the right gate operator installer means more seamless business operations moving forward.

After 60 years of installing and maintaining industry-approved gate motors, we know which brands and types are best suited to your business. Different businesses require distinct access and security modifications. Whether you need a gate that will accommodate large equipment and transport trucks or you simply need to ensure your employees can enter and others cannot, we will work with you to choose the right gate operators for your short- and long-term needs.

When it comes to gate installation, we offer the very best in security and reliability. If you will benefit from high-end models with all the bells and whistles or you are looking for simpler, more straightforward models, our recommendations will reflect your priorities.

Reach out to our team of gate installation and operation specialists and we will collaborate with you to choose the right gate model, material and operation system for your industrial and commercial fencing needs.

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