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Our sister company, John Duff Limited, is a multifaceted custom metal fabricating company that mirrors our values and dedication to innovative customer service. Located in Petrolia, Ontario, our sister company manufacturers custom products we are proud to install to protect our clients and their high-value assets.

Steel Fabrication that exceeds quality standards and safety best practices

Like Lambton Fencing, the fabricators at John Duff have spent decades refining their craft to better serve the unique needs of industrial and commercial businesses throughout Ontario. From mass production through to highly-customized projects for particular client circumstances, our teams work seamlessly together –from manufacturing through to installation – to provide products and services we know will achieve your goals for many years to come.

We partner with the best in custom manufacturing to offer dependability, variety & quality that exceeds our competitors

Our company has formed this mutually-beneficial partnership with John Duff, so we can conduct full-scale audits of our clients’ requirements and collaboratively decide which types of fencing and gating models will be right for right now – and the foreseeable future. We do not want our clients to ever feel limited by what we can offer, so we rely on the experience and expertise of our friends at John Duff to transform what our customers may even think is possible in terms of the design and usability of their fencing options.

Be it full-scale, from-scratch installation or maintenance & repair, we are confident in the craftsmanship offered by John Duff

When we work with commercial and industrial companies across Ontario, we do not simply install their fences or gates and then end our partnership. We are consistently available to update and mend any wear and tear issues that may arise – whether they are found in our products or not. The convenience of working directly with a seasoned steel manufacturer means we can install and address your safety and security concerns in a timely manner with the best products conceivable, without blowing your budget.

Which products & services does John Duff offer that may directly benefit your company?

Shearing & Forming

Specialization In Stainless Steel & Aluminum Welding

Custom Platforms

Stairs & Railings

Ornamental Work

Enter into a partnership that brings more than 100 years of combined industrial fencing and custom manufacturing experience to the table (or should we say gate?)

Like our colleagues at John Duff, we take great pride in our workmanship so we choose our products and partners with great caution and care. Over the past several years, we have seen how our collaboration with John Duff has directly benefitted our clients and enhanced our overall ability to offer the very best fencing and gating options in the industry, at reasonable prices and within reasonable timelines.