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We look forward to working with you

and our custom manufacturing partners – to revolutionize the security of your corporate spaces. Whether you are looking to completely transform your fencing and gating systems or you need to address urgent issues in more of a piecemeal fashion, our team will provide honest and upfront solutions.

Our passion is safety and providing comprehensive installation and maintenance services that empower our clients to worry less about the soundness of their security measures and more about day-to-day operational efficiency. While much of our work involves proactive planning and large-scale installations, we will not hesitate to visit your company to conduct detailed checks on your fences and gates, as part of a long-term maintenance agreement.

Lambton Fencing eliminates hassle while elevating the accessibility, adaptability & security of your property

You never have to worry about us missing a key step in terms of safety procedures or protocol. Each and every time we show up to do our job, we arrive fully prepared – with the knowledge, products and safety equipment required by our industry standards and yours. Not only do we employ seasoned industrial fencing professionals, but over the years, we have carefully selected and invested in equipment that enhances the efficiency and error-free implementation of our work.

While our work ethic and belief in the power of a handshake may be old school, we approach every project with today’s industry-leading practices. Our commitment to traditional customer service and modern materials ensures our clients get the best of both worlds – consistently underpinned by the principles of accountability and integrity.

Reach out to Lambton Fencing today and let’s discuss what you need to achieve and how we can help you get there with as little hassle or heavy lifting on your part as possible.