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Industrial Fencing

Durability & reliability reinforced by expert installation. With industry-leading practices and products, Lambton Fencing has become known province-wide for our Industrial Fencing. We work with clients throughout Ontario who want to protect their property against potential security breaches – and who want to work with a company that delivers in a timely and transparent fashion.

For 60 years, we have been installing chain link fences to secure our clients’ properties. There are several reasons for chain link being our specialty. Our clients appreciate that it is a long-term, economical and reliable option. Not only do chain link fences look professional, but their impenetrability is a huge deterrent for intruders. Best of all, we can offer a wide array of heights, post options, gates and more to ensure what needs to be easily accessible is and what needs to remain off limits remains that way.

What are the benefits of industrial chain link fences?

  • Not a significant visual impairment, so you are still able to have a full view of your property
  • Long-term solution & preventative measure to prevent potential security hazards
  • Constructed with physically strong material that will stand up to the elements and human interference
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Offers great design flexibility to accommodate various landscaping and construction demands
  • Transportable, so we can bring the best products to your site and install them in accordance with your business’s most urgent needs

If you want to build upon your sense of privacy and security, we can explore options for privacy screens that block out peering eyes. Don’t forget about the incredible versatility of these fences, in terms of their allowance for any number of manual and automatic gate options.

Other Fencing Options We Offer

Ornamental & Wood Fencing

The vast majority of our fencing projects incorporate chain link. However, in some instances, we work with commercial, industry and big brand clients who are looking for Ornamental Fencing or Wood/Composite options. Dependent on the size of the job, we can offer extremely high-quality, durable options that give you additional flexibility in terms of aesthetics, privacy and style.

Additional Products That Can Enhance Your Fencing Include:

Guard Rails

These boundary features can be used around your property or indoors to enhance safety and wayfinding. Available in a variety of shapes and materials, we can help you choose which protective guarding is best suited to your day-to-day operations.

Pipe Bollards

Use these high visibility posts to distinguish and protect the front of your business, walkways and other areas to help guide foot and vehicle traffic.

Privacy Screens

Create comfort and security with privacy screens. The perfect addition to any fence adding additional security, concealing equipment, hiding less than attractive areas of your site, and offers a barrier for dust and debris.