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Cantilever or Sliding Gates

This type of gate uses a counter-balanced load-bearing design to support the entire weight of the gate as it reaches across the entryway. This design keeps the gate suspended off the ground and away from accumulated ice, snow and debris.

Swing Gates

Available in double or single panels to fit a wide variety of openings.

Vertical Pivot Gates

Used when space is limited and security paramount.

Additional Products

  • Guard Rail

    Guard Rail for industrial sites, parking lots, roads and more. Also known as Guide Rail.

  • Pipe Bollards

    Pipe Bollards for business and industry

  • Backstops and Tennis Courts

    For private and commercial use

  • Ornamental Fence

    Ornamental Fence solutions for business and industry

  • Dumpster Enclosures

    Dumpster enclosures for business and industry